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Whoa, after a year passes I had no idea deviantart changed it's page format. I'm not sure if I like it or not. I'm still deciding. Well off to clean and organize then create! I just can't concentrate with the home in shambles! I think my friend was speechless (In a bad way) after she came over to my place. @_@ My back aches from leaning forward and hunching down too much...Listen to me I sound like an old woman!
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I'm just going to babble on here since I need somewhere to vent. Xanga is sooooo yesterday. I even forgot my username and password to get in. I hate it when I have several dozen accounts opened and left forgotten but oh well....
School never seems to end does it? I mean it comes to a point where I just want it to be over and done with so I can get on with my life, how sad is that. I've learned a lot, but I have all this urge to go out and do my own things my own work now and I can't because school has bogged me down with massive amounts of their work. Well it's one more year, here's hoping I survive it.

As for my deviations, well I'm not all that surprise how few people come over to my page now and how sparse my gallery looks. I take one look at it and I want to delete everything and start fresh. You know it kinda has that scary, weird, interesting feeling when looking back at what you've done and then looking at what you can do now. Honestly the other day I found my old sketchbook from 5th grade and my how the times have changed. At least I'm glad I'm making some growth in my abilities. A couple weeks back my best friend said, "if you'd practice everyday, you would've been as good...." Too true. But who has the luxury eh? I really should discipline myself, that was my biggest weakness, procrastination and not pushing myself harder and trying new things.
Do I dare make it my New Year's Resolution? Hmm....I'll probably break it by the weeks end, no need to disappoint myself even furthur.

Well what's with all the negativity? I've been asked the question "Is the glass half empty or half full." Well clearly it's half full. Does that mean I'm a positive person? People who know me well enough should know I usually don't think in the positive way, so I always hated that question, or metaphor, or riddle, or whatever you call it. Mind testing.

Right Now: Watching Superman Doomsday. I've heard positive reviews so what the hey I'm back to being a kid again. I even watched power rangers last Saturday, it's a god awful show now. Not like it use to be. Whatever happen to quality television? I sound like my dad now....hahaha

I rarely watch television now, not like I use to watch as a kid, hours and hours of it. LOL All I ever watch now is Stargate Atlantis and Heroes back and forth like clockwork. But that's about it. I'm telling you, television isn't like it use to be.

Well that's all thats in my system for the moment. It's 2 AM and I'll start to do funny shit if I don't go to sleep.
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Well, I've updated a bit, because school is out and I realize I haven't done anything since 2006! @_@ But I am trying to keep busy. Working and trying to find out more about this freelance job I've been told about. If I get the job, this could be big! Hopefully I can update more about it later. And also hang out with friends I haven't seen in forever!?!?!. Keep in touch...
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I just want to say how excited, delighted, and all that rot, that school is over, winterim is here and me...well...I get to have 2 weeks of "ME" time with a stress-free job for some extra moola. The rest well....I'll have to take 1 course for the winterim semester. Cross your fingers on a pushover professor. Bad, I know but gosh darn it I need a vacation...looks like spring's gonna be hell....
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Hello random people of Deviant. I miss updating, and whilst I'm extremely busy with college and work, I'll update some work once I get it back, if I ever get it back!
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Nothing has been accomplished. My fears worsen each day. All that I have planned to do is still undone. Images are flooding my brain but I can't seem to put it on paper, no matter how hard I try. Why can't I do this? Why can't I come up with brillent ideas. I'm really beginning to wonder why I'm in art in the first place. Should I take my mother's advice and go with business? Does she have that less faith in me that art would never support me in life?

Why am I in textiles? It seems so laborious of me to explain what it is, because everyone just gives me a blank face when I tell them my major. It's only because of my love for costuming and fashion. No I'm not a glamourious fashion design major. Frankly I don't want to be. What I really want is to illustrate fantasy and folklore and be a costume designer for movies of great fantastic stories. That would be my dream. That would be what I'd do day in and day out. My love for stories and envisioning it in illustrations and delicate fabric.

But now it seems like it's beyond my reach. I've never grown so desperate until now. I've never admitted it until now. I don't know what else is there, but to keep on trucking every hour on the hour. Everything looks so bleak to me, I need a little hope along this way.
My New Year's Resolution is to:


I'm starting on my own works, I'm hoping that I would finish a batch load of my own stuff before I go back to school. I wanna do a series of illustrations, paintings, my own characters, some fanart, and maybe just maybe....(once I get over my technological phobia....) some digital pieces.

So this is my goal....can I make it? Not likely....(who keeps their resolution anyway?) But I do want to finish some if not all the images that's jammed in my brain.

Oh and I'll try to update on a regular basis....another unsure factor but I hate to disappoint.
No time to draw for fun anymore. But I do try my best. Hopefully I'll have time to update some of the stuff sitting in my portfolio, that has never seen the light of day.

Peace Out
The time has finally arrived. First year of college is offically over. Now I'm focusing on all the art work I plan on doing over the summer which is quite a bit of work. I wonder if I'll even get 25% of it done or on paper. Knowing my pace, it's a slow one. Just have to work at it one thing at a time and not do multi-tasking which is what I normally do and don't get anywhere.

I also have a potential freelance job for a small textile company. I need to sell about 10 designs to make some real money. I also wonder about selling prints here on deviant. Is it even worth it? If anyone has a suggestion to that, let me know, it'll be greatly appriciated. Like everyone else, finding a job is a tough task to do.
Oh what can I say? I've done nothing, really. I spend my time either sleeping or going to class. Sounds unproductive to me if I'm not doing some art work. In fact I can hardly pick up a pencil because of my major artist block. Nothing seems to come out, no fresh ideas, no inspiration to just draw.

But I can say that I've been obsessed with Fantasy Art and in particular...VAMPIRES lately. I've been borrowing piles of books. The librarian looked at me as if I was satanic.

I hope to put some of my pieces up, but since semester is starting soon I think that'll be a long way.

MUST STOP BEING LAZY! (I've already broken my New Year's Resolution HA!)
Right now just uploading my old stuff. It's been sitting in my room, dusty. I thought why not post it? It's not doing anything anyway. Hopefully I'd get my new textile pieces up.